Friday, December 5, 2008

chrismas can wait.....

it hari raya coming soon... hahaha.... it the second hari raya,@raya korban @ raya haji @ aidiladha... doing lemang 2 dis year.. not done it yet but grandma already calling me back to do the MAN work... hahaha... so as usual,, gonna find the bamboo to make lemang,,, raya is dis monday so sunday got to do the work... but i wanna work dis sunday,, do my part time.. haha,, so dad gonna do all the work,,, maybe i come help before go work... coz it's my job right....
raya korban is different from the other raya,, this raya we sacrifice somthing and celebrate it,, not like a dark ritual sacrificing thing,, but the propose is for god Himself,
sometimes we need to sacrifice something to get our happiness right? erm..
maybe i do need to help my dad,, try help him as much as i can la..
the part itme work can wait... hehe,,, chow