Thursday, December 4, 2008

remember me?

remember that day?
when there's no stress, no prob, everyday is for fun, anywhere is ur playgraound, everyone love u, dont u miss that time?
it feel soooo right, nobody is ur enemy,
smile all the time without faking, always want more, never stop tryiing even it meant to make u cry, everyone is there to protect u, sure,, that time is the past,, we can even remember it, dont lie,, u dont remember,, nobody can, know y? coz we always takes for granted everything that we have, but always want something that we dont have anymore, we want the joy that we already let it past away, but do we really take time to love wat we hav now? just dont make any regret in our life. we might end up lying in bed waiting for death. but there's no one there to hold our hand.

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